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Ableism and colonialism in international music therapy service-learning settings
The Development of a Reflective Wellness Self-Assessment for Music Therapists
Embodied Speech Through Song
Experiences of Trust in Music Therapy
Exploring Music Therapists' Engagement in Personal Musicking
Group music therapy for LGBTQIA+ parents experiencing postpartum depression and anxiety
Imagining a post–intentional phenomenology of cisnormativity
Language discourse in music therapy
Loneliness, Covid-19, and music
Music, identity, and authenticity
Music therapists' experiences working in a setting that values censorship
Music therapists' perceptions of the effects of tele-music therapy on client access
Potentials and barriers to culturally responsive music therapy education
Queer clients' experiences of harm in therapy
A survey of the experiences of Arab music therapists’ academic and cultural adjustment in music therapy training
Unhoused Veterans’ Experiences of Song Sharing in Music Therapy
Unmasking Alienation in the Lived Experiences of Songwriters