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This is where the Slippery Rock University Archives and Special Collections hosts digital content. This includes photographs, pictures, letters, scrapbooks, interviews, and much more. Scroll down to see the featured collections or use the search bar above to search the entire collection. Email with any questions about the collections.

Oral Histories

The Slippery Rock University Archives and Special Collections houses a number of oral history collections. Many of these collections are about Slippery Rock University history from the founding of the Slippery Rock Normal School all the way to present day. Additionally, the Dixon Baseball Oral History Collection concerns the history of baseball from local western Pennsylvania residents.

Green and White

The Green and White was the student handbook that was published through 2003. The handbook contained rules and regulations for students concerning dining, dorm life, smoking, dress codes, etc. The Green and White also contained helpful information about the college such as calendars for sports and other events, fees, hours of various campus offices, campus services available to students, and, of course, the Alma Mater. In 2004, the Green and White was replaced by the online Student Code of Conduct.

College Catalogs

Course catalogs were published in print from 1889 until the 2003-2004 academic year. The following academic year Slippery Rock University switched to an all online course catalog. At times there were separate undergraduate and graduate catalogs in print as well as catalogs for summer sessions. Catalogs contained course and degree descriptions, curriculum outlines, an academic year calendar, fees, history of the institution, scholarship requirements, information on individual Board of Trustee Members, administrators and faculty, and other useful information for students.

Victory Bell

Victory Bell was created by George Miller in January 1942. An Art Department faculty member at Slippery Rock State Teachers College (SRSTC), Miller corresponded with Slippery Rock students serving in World War II. The newsletter featured excerpts and news from these students’ letters. Victory Bell was distributed to soldiers associated with SRSTC all over the world.