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Analyzing and Comparing Similarities and Perceptions of Current status and of Years of Experience Regarding Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) Tier 1 Implementation Across Multiple K-6 Schools
Augmented and Virtual Realities in Special Education Contexts
Creating a Trauma Informed School
A Critical Analysis of Classroom Management Issues Within Early Childhood Classrooms
Effectiveness of a Summer Intervention Program on Improving Kindergarten Readiness in At-Risk Students
Effectiveness of Inclusion in K-12 Schools on Students’ Academic Performance
Effects of an iPad as a Prompting Device on Increasing Independence Skills in Elementary Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Effects of implementing a transition curriculum using Google Classroom on the self-determination, post-secondary readiness, and career readiness skills of high school students with high incidence disabilities
The Effects of Physical Exercise on Stereotypic Behaviors in Autism
The Effects of Staff Training in Blocking Techniques and Trauma Informed Care on the Number of Student Restraints in a Special Education Setting at a Suburban Public-School District
The Efficacy of Equine-assisted Activities on Social Outcomes of Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
An Examination of Elementary School Librarians' Self-efficacy Beliefs in Serving Students with Disabilities
An Examination of Elementary School Librarians' Self-efficacy Beliefs in Serving Students with Disabilities
An Examination of the Special Education Cyclical Monitoring Process through a Socio-Technical System’s Lens
Examining Teachers’ Attitudes Toward the Inclusion of Students Using Alternate Standards in Regular Standards Core Academic Classes
Examining the Effects of Class Size on Student Achievement in the Mohawk Area School District
Examining the Efficacy of Universally Delivered Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum, Second Step: A Mixed-Method Study of the Effects on Regular and Special Education Student Behavior and Teacher Instructional Competence
Exploring Student Understanding and Perception of Crisis Intervention Using a Trauma Informed Approach versus a Restraint Based Approach
Identifying Salient Factors in the Retention of Special Education Teachers
The Impact of Discontinue Criteria on Potential Gifted Students' Scores on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - Fifth Edition