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 A multi-level quantitative analysis on factors affecting special education compliance
An Examination of Elementary School Librarians' Self-efficacy Beliefs in Serving Students with Disabilities
An exploration of inclusionary environments as seen through the eyes of the school principal
 An examination of elementary school librarians' self-efficacy beliefs in serving students with disabilities
A Qualitative Analysis of Administrative Oversight of Inclusionary Environments in Secondary Classrooms
 Examining the efficacy of universally delivered social and emotional learning curriculum, second step
Imagining a post–intentional phenomenology of cisnormativity
 The impact of discontinue criteria on potential gifted students' scores on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children - fifth edition
 The efficacy of equine-assisted activities on social outcomes of individuals with autism spectrum disorder
Examining the effects of class size on student achievement in the Mohawk area school district
 Special education teacher job satisfaction
 New elementary school teachers' perceptions of classroom management
Effects of an iPad as a prompting device on increasing independence skills in elementary students with autism spectrum disorder
 Augmented and virtual realities in special education contexts
A Survey Approach to Effects of Work Relates Stress Among Special Education Teachers
A survey approach to effects of work related stress among special education teachers
Embodied Speech Through Song
An examination of the special education cyclical monitoring process through a socio-technical system's lens
 Perceptions and pragmatics of therapy dog implementation in schools
Why Parents Choose or do not Choose Cyberschools for their Children