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Effectiveness of inclusion in K-12 schools on students' academic performance
An examination of the special education cyclical monitoring process through a socio-technical system's lens
Exploring student understanding and perception of crisis intervention using a trauma informed approach versus a restraint based system
Identifying salient factors in the retention of special education teachers :
The instructional leadership role of Pennsylvania public school principals and their effect on special education practices
Perceived levels of burnout in public school SLPs
A phenomenological study of public high school inclusive extracurricular opportunities
Significance of academic and social/emotional accommodations and supports
Teacher preparedness for educating students with emotional disturbances within the inclusive setting
Teachers' attitudes towards inclusion and the effect on professional development
Transition experiences of college students with disabilities between high school graduation and enrollment in postsecondary education and its correlation with student self-determination, college readiness, and registration for disability services during t